Mapping Bus Routes

This tutorial collection curated by Trufi Association e.V. aims to make bus route mapping for OpenStreetMap easier using J0SM to enable communities to document their public transportation systems digitally.

Setting up your workspace

JOSM is a desktop application which we use for adding public transport routes to OpenStreetMap. But JOSM (Java OpenStreetMap (editor)) is much more powerful and sometimes complicated too.

Installing JOSM on linux

Installing JOSM on Windows

Installing JOSM on Mac

Linking your OSM account with JOSM
We link your own OSM account to JOSM so you are able to upload changes to the map from inside JOSM.


Understanding relations
In order to map the infrastructure of public transportation systems we need to understand relations first. Graphics dominate here!

Split ways into one or two
Documents how to split a way in cases where a bus route does not follow the way till the end.

Routes on OSM

Adding bus stops or waiting positions for the passengers
Documents how to map bus stops and waiting positions and explains the difference between them. Some communities do not require you to map bus stops or the waiting positions. In some cases they do not require both mapping practises e.g. in cities without bus stops

Mapping bus routes
Here all comes together. This is the part why you're probably here. This covers how to map routes in JOSM to add to OpenStreetMap.


About topbar entry Tools
An quick overview of the available options you have when you select something in the editor to perform actions on.

Understanding the Layers section shown on the right site of the editor
An quick overview of the Layers section of the JOSM editor. This is a very important tool section.